Here is the final movie “DTA Tandem Rotary Car Dumper Replacement Project” for the shoot we did over the summer in Newport News, VA. for

It was for 16 weeks and with four camera’s on-site, we had a lot of footage to go through, but well worth it! We were on-site the day of moving the first dumper and lucky enough to get a camera mounted to the back of the truck for the close up move! After some testing of the dumpers, we went back at the end of the job to mount a camera for the end moving shot… its not everyday you get to clime on trains like that!

More from DTA:
After emptying nearly 300 million tons of coal out of hopper cars from mines in Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky, Dominion Terminal Associates, LLP needed to replace its rotary car dumper. With the design and fabrication of Metso Minerals from Pittsburgh, along with the construction expertise of M&R Constructors out of Richmond, 14 months of work was finalized with 12 weeks of on-site build and a 4 week equipment shutdown. Those final 16 weeks have been condensed with the help of


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  1. Chris Miller on December 11, 2011 at 8:28 am

    An amazing piece! Capturing the entire process with various angles and perspectives gives an incredible reality to the scope and size of the project. Mixing in the video segments and views otherwise not seen, was a nice touch, as well as tilt-shift time lapse filter. Very well done!

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