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Who needs before and after shots when you can show them start to finish! Watch It Happen!

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We have been shooting time lapse since 2006 and can help guide you through the steps to get a professional shot.


Time Lapse can help you tell a story that a before and after photo just cant do. Show them start to finish.

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Time is everything when doing time lapse. A lot of factors go into how quick or slow to shoot and what kind of power will be needed. We will guide you through options so that you know your camera is running and you can focus on what you do!

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Want to stand out from the competition? Use time lapse in video presentations, sales calls and social media to hold a potential customers attention and help close more deals.

Using Time Lapse In Fundraising
Mary Kathleen Loving recommends RichmondTimeLapse. August 8, 2018 ·

Richmond TimeLapse does AMAZING work!! The TimeLapse on my event showing the complete setup and breakdown on the School Carnival is an absolute treasure to have as we showed a recap of the event and will use with our Marketing for next year's event. This was the missing piece from other Spring Carnivals from the past. Don't miss out on using Richmond TimeLapse for your next event!!

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We have been doing this a long time and have been on many job sites. We can guide you in the right direction with your time lapse project.

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