The story of how we got on PBS: We were contracted by W. M. Jordan Company and The Science Museum of Virginia to document the moving of the Blackbird SR-71 Spy Plane from the Aviation Museum by the Richmond International Airport to The Science Museum of Virginia on Broad Street.

While doing so, we befriended Todd Hervey, owner of and one of his passions is the SR-71 Spy Plane. He just so happened to be shooting and filming his movie “Blackbird: Legacy of Innovation” before and after the plane was to be moved. Todd was able to shoot some of the move with me and we were honored to have some of our footage included in his film.

A superb film about this marvel of a plane and the innovation used in the 50’s and 60’s. Its a must see!

Here is the official trailer for the movie:

Blackbird: Legacy of Innovation – Trailer from Fuel Creative, inc. on Vimeo.

Mark you calendar and set your DVR’s for:

Blackbird: Legacy of Innovation
Full version broadcast premiere on WCVE Richmond and WHTJ Charlottesville on
March 1, 2018

Thanks and let us know what you think about the movie!

Cheers – Jonathon