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The Continental at Westhampton Time Lapse Part 3

Here is the third and final time lapse movie of the Giavos family taking over Phil’s Continental Lounge space!

In case you miss them…watch the other shots here:
Part 1

Part 2

This was our first restaurant build time lapse we have filmed and I would do it again in a heart beat! So fun and thanks to Jeff Killian and crew for putting up with all our questions of “Whats going to happen next?”.

This footage is from Nov 30 – March 3, 2012.

(A bit by: Karri Peifer |
As for the name, The Continental — Giavos meant it as an homage to the former restaurant, and picked the name when the folks from Phil’s were supposed to be heading to Innsbrook. By the time Phil’s signed a lease down the block, the ink was dry on Giavos’ licenses. So he kept it, and plenty of old Phil’s pictures inside, again, meant as an homage to former owners.

The Continental Westhampton is now open at 5704 Grove Ave and ABC is on.

You can check out the full menu, designed by Constantine Giavos at:

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W. M. Jordan Dorm Build Time Lapse

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