SPEED Exhibit: SR-71 Blackbird Installation Time Lapse.

So you want to move a spy plane that is 10 feet wider than the room you are putting it in? Well here is how it was done!

This SR-71 was moved from the RIchmond Virginia Aviation Museum which in next to Richmond International Airport and was to find a new home at the Science Museum of Virginia.

Marty Batura, owner of the Nebraska-based Worldwide Aircraft Recovery teamed up with W.M. Jordan Company to make the whole thing work, even though it was too big for the room!

This time lapse show the whole process from getting the room ready to seeing the plane go down I-64.

This has been one of our favorite time lapse jobs in recent years and a BIG Thank You to W.M. Jordan for the opportunity to film such a historic move!


SPEED Exhibit: SR-71 Blackbird Installation
Science Museum of Virginia

W.M. Jordan Company

Worldwide Aircraft Recovery, Ltd