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Archive for June 2009

Cities In Minutes

Here is a link to a great inspiration of different time lapse techniques…A global project that showcases individual cities in minutes utilizing time lapse photography.

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The Sand Sculpture Company at the Science Museum (Round 3)

Shark Space is from June 27–Oct. 31, 2009 Shark feeding from 10–10:30 a.m. Shark petting at noon–12:30 and 3–3:30 p.m. Get your hands wet as you meet living sharks and other marine creatures. What should you be more afraid of: a shark or a falling coconut? Did you know that sharks have a "sixth" sense?…

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Shark Space Exhibits at the Science Museum of VA

We are filming a sand sculpture creation by Guinness World Record-holding and award-winning artist Ted Siebert of The Sand Sculpture Company in the Shark Space Exhibits at the Science Museum of Virginia from June 27–Oct. 31, 2009. We will be posting more photos as we edit our time lapse.

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Blooming Lotus Flower

We just got back from checking the cameras at Lewis Ginter since its crunch time and the blooming has started. We have posted a few still shots for you and we are editing the beginning of the time lapse. Check back soon for the movie.

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Lotus Flower Update (Lewis Ginter)

After several days of testing and making sure we were in the right locaton, the Lotus Flowers are starting to bloom and this should be a bright and colorful time lapse. View some of the samples below of what is to come!

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Lotus Flower at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

We are shooting  a time lapse of the Lotus Flower at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Lotuses are perhaps the most spectacular plants in aquatic environments. The Chinese say that, once having seen the growing lotus, you never forget it. The lotus flowers have color from red, pink, pale yellow to creamy white. A separate, long,…

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