Filterra BioPave Parking Lot WINS Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Project of the Year!

The Town of Ashland hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, April 19 at their municipal parking lot retrofit, which was selected as the top project of (66) submitted for the 2013 Dave Pearson Watershed Excellence Award at the Virginia Lakes and Watersheds Association (announced at the statewide Virginia Water Conference in March).

This project started with the Town of Ashland’s desire to create a stormwater demonstration project as an example of environmental stewardship. They turned to AMT Consulting Engineers for site planning and engineering design, who worked with Filterra Bioretention Systems of Ashland, VA and Eagle Bay USA of Richmond, VA to produce the first “boxless” Filterra BioPave installation in North America. Typical of Filterra BioPave, this project combines a functional, heavy-duty wearing surface (parking lot) of Eagle Bay Aquabric Type “L” permeable interlocking concrete pavers that detains, infiltrates and drains stormwater to a boxless Filterra Bioretention System. Filterra significantly reduces pollutants in this stormwater, including sediment, nutrients, heavy metals and oil & grease. Consequently Filterra BioPave provides complete management up to and including the 25-year storm — along with a useable parking lot!

Built in the fall of 2012 in about (6) weeks in time for the community’s important train day festival, this project was co-funded by the Town of Ashland and a Chesapeake Bay Trust “Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns” grant. Public information brochures, field tours, and an onsite information site provide continuing public outreach for this project.

“Just as Filterra BioPave creates value greater than the mere sum of its’ parts, so did this project yield multiple benefits as a result of innovative cooperation with a local jurisdiction and private entities — manufacturer, engineering firms and contractors. This unique partnership model is one we at Filterra expect will repeat itself in the future throughout the commonwealth of Virginia” said Bob Bridges Director of Sales for Eagle Bay USA.

Eagle Bay USA is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of Interlocking Concrete Pavers. Specializing in the commercial market of the Mid-Atlantic region, we provide the finest permeable hardscape products available. Our experienced sales team stands confidently behind our consistent product quality, commitment to design innovation, environmental stewardship, and excellent customer service.


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