SR-71 Test Lift filmed by RichmondTime Lapse

Companies large and small trust us to capture images that don’t just show the before and after, but the entire process. Once captured, Richmond Time Lapse edits the footage into dynamic time lapse video presentations.

Richmond Time Lapse was there as WM Jordan planned their exciting move of Richmond’s SR-71 Cold War spy plane. The aircraft will move to its new home at the Science Museum of Virginia in early 2016.

Time lapse captures your company’s big moments, creating short videos that are perfect for marketing and promotion, websites, trade shows and your social media platforms. In minutes, an audience can view a project that took months or weeks to complete. has been creating time lapse video for more than 10 years.

Who needs before and after…when you can go from start to finish using Richmond Time Lapse Video Production!

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