For three weeks in May, visitors to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden witnessed the creation of a monumental, site-specific sculpture made entirely of woven sticks and twigs by internationally renowned artist Patrick Dougherty.

Dougherty arrived on-site of with no preconceptions as to what he will create. Using locally gathered natural materials and drawing on inspiration from the surrounding environment, he designed a larger-than-life sculptures that may remind visitors of a nest, cocoon, or even a fairy dwelling.

Dougherty leaves the Garden a distinctive architectural element that will remain in the Anderson Meadow for as long as it survives in the natural environment.

To date, Patrick Dougherty has completed more than 175 works at gardens, universities, and museums throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Patrick Dougherty’s website:

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden:

Pistons (Instrumental) – Election Night
Used with permission!

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