We were on location at the old Alpha Graphics with 2 cameras to catch the move out and also the new location with 3 cameras to get all the action of moving into the 9,000 square foot building. We shot about 17,551 images for this movie. Although it seemed to be continuous action we had to do quite a bit of editing due to the workers discussing and getting a game plan where to put everything so we edited those frames out. EZvoices.net produced the voice over for this movie and the music is from StockMusic.net.

Here is some more info on the Alphagraphics Richmond branch.
Many of our customers are unaware that Alphagraphics® is worldwide in scope, with over 325 Business Centers. Each Business Center is an individually owned franchise. We do benefit from strength in numbers, with national contracts with companies such as Xerox, Heidelberg, A.B. Dick, Canon, International Paper, UPS, ect. This helps us to be very competitive in the market place.

However, I believe of greater importance to our clients is that the ownership of each business resides in the community. Consequently, as Harry Truman stated, The Buck Stops Here. This means we are only a phone call or visit away from our client base. This greatly enhances communication and relationship building. It also encourges us, as business, to be more involved in the Richmond community life, through membership in city civic organizations, sponsorship of fundraising events or discounted print, electronic copy and/or graphics design jobs.

We view it as a privilege to have been of service in the Visual Communication Market to our friends, neighbors, and business associates in the Richmond area for the past thirteen years and we are looking forward to extending our service in the years ahead.

William Cozens, Owner